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I intend to write a little note every single day about Design and Dev. They’re the things I know best.

I’m writing at sunset on a train I forgot to get a ticket for, heading into the summer hum of London. It’s only about one-and-a-half horizons away now and there’s been no ticket inspectors so far.

I am using a notes app for iPhone called Bear. Bear is nice, it echos back your words in a sans-serif that’s slightly too light and wraps them in margins that are slightly too loose. The sans-serif is Avenir, which Wikipedia says is the typeface for the City of Amsterdam’s corporate identity. The cursor is a firebrick red which fades rather than blinks, fades in quickly and out more slowly, like a glowing red life-jacket in a calm grey sea.

The train has just pulled into Liverpool Street. People wave their ticket at the inspector then pass through the gate but the inspector isn’t really paying attention, plus it’s too late to get a ticket now anyway. Head down, pace steady, avoid eye-contact. Walk with purpose.