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I changed notes apps from Day One to Evernote. Here’s the plan:

I want my notes app to be the back-end for this content, I don't want to have to copy/paste any text into anywhere. I want to write something, tag it and have it automatically publish online. Evernote seems to be the only notes app I can find with a proper API to do this.

When a note is added or edited it should fire a webhook to collect the notes, build them into static pages and host them somewhere. I don’t want to do anything except write little notes. No upload process, no logging in to anywhere, no faffing.

As for the visual and UI design, it should be simple. No social media. No comments. No claps, hearts, arrows, stars or thumbs. No Google Analytics. No unnecessary markup or scripts. Minimal footprint, I’d like to both write and generate as little code as possible. Accessible and fast. A few paragraphs of content and simple navigation. Text that's big enough to read comfortably.

If this all goes to plan then in a couple of days you should be seeing this note on a plain white page in a soft black serif which loaded very quickly.