The notes are online. I write the notes in my notes app and that's it, they appear right here. Adding or removing a rocket emoji on line 1 in my note app toggles whether it’s online and every time I edit a note, it updates online automatically (with about a 40 second build delay).

I’m doing all this in Evernote because it has a fairly well documented api but I didn't realise how bad the Evernote text format was, some weird XML thing. It has no markdown support, no real plaintext support. No good. Horrible even.

Evernote has to go.

As for the build, I couldn’t do it serverless. I tried. I wanted to run the entire process in a single lambda but it's too much hassle so I’m using a Gatsby static build on Netlify with just a serverless webhook proxy.

I don’t have any way to preview posts before I publish them, and I don’t have a way to include images. Ultimately though, I do have a notes app which puts notes on the internet automatically for me—which is exciting.

Hello world