To recap, this blog works like this:

  1. I create a new note on my iPhone with the date as the title
  2. I write some stuff (this stuff)
  3. I add a rocket emoji (🚀) on the first line

And the note just appears online, It's awesome.

The date becomes the url and the 🚀 acts as a 'published' tag. I told my build script to ignore notes without a valid date or without the rocket on line 1.

I can write and edit on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. Dropbox keeps the devices (and the website) in sync at all times as a single source of truth.

The code is here, if you know some basic JavaScript you can take it and do the same thing too. If the documentation is unclear leave a message on the repo issues and I’ll try to help.

Next step is to play around with the visual design.