🔥 GitYolo. Is a version control strategy and I think it could work well for small teams doing fast Proof of Concept work.

GitYolo is centred around a project branch. It has the same name as the repo (we'll retire the word master) and it's always up to date with the latest dev work and always ready to deploy. Don’t break it.

GitYolo gives every developer a single working branch. My branch is called Dom and it’s where I do my work. Working branches are merged often, rebased often and never diverge far from the project branch. Push regularly, if the code works and isn't explicitly breaking something, commit it first then improve it in a new PR.

If breaking the project branch is a serious issue in your pipeline, pin releases to snapshots/.

  • snapshot/v1.0.1
  • snapshot/review_meeting

In exchange for these freedoms, tidy up those little issues as you go a bit more often. That's not a suggestion it's a contract. GitYolo is intended to be a stepping-stone in our transition from turn-based to real-time software development.