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Quick additions to the blog, before I forget. It now works offline, so if you lose connection on the tube it’ll let you continue reading. The offline mode is just a Gatsby plug-in that I found, and I don’t know how it works but it does.

I also added groups to my all notes list. It will bundle notes into a group (with a snazzy little divider) every time I go a certain number of days without posting. My logic is that unidirectional navigation (i.e you can only go forward through days, not backwards) will only work if we include occasional checkpoints to start reading from. If an entire group, when read together, was roughly the length of a long-form article that would be about right. I also think that the best possible interface to create a new group is just to do nothing for a couple of weeks, it might be the best interface I've ever designed.

On the subject of readers, my Analytics says I'm getting about 400 unique per month but I imagine many of these are bots. (That's server-side analytics btw—nothing on this site tracks you).

I'm still using the iA Writer app to write these notes and I really love it, it's one of the best text editors I've ever used (and that's a long list).