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I’m interested in tech recruitment. I mostly work as a contractor so I talk to a lot of recruiters and fill in a lot of applications and do a lot of interviews.

I’ve had some fun interviews. One afternoon, the CEO of a 20ish-person startup near London Bridge crashed into the interview room to offer me a vodka martini. “Sure”, I said. “Not too dry, extra cold with a twist.” But there was no vermouth, no ice and no lemon. “So you’re offering me warm vodka in a martini glass?”—He smiled and waltzed across to a minibar. They were huge vodkas, at least triple measures, maybe quadruple.

On an industrial estate south of London I went to see a company that were working on a flying car. I asked if I could sit in the car and take a selfie. After agreeing, the product lead stepped forward, looked into my eyes and said: “but if that picture shows up on social media we will hunt you down and kill you”. I joked that I’ve never had a job interview end with a death-threat before but he didn’t laugh. (I laughed).

I’m interested in the future of tech recruitment. Job titles are broken. Job specs are broken. CVs are broken. The energies and expertises of recruitment professionals are being misapplied. I think there’s a revolution coming and I enjoy discussing what that might look like.