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Game is on hold, that’s enough for now. I have ideas for the setting, the design and the mechanics. I still haven’t figured out how to make it fun or actually build it. In the next gulag cycle (I still don’t think we should call it gulag) I’ll staple together some code and graphics into a runnable alpha and put it on the app stores, then we can start adding to it and tweaking it to see if it eventually becomes fun. I recon it could, and that seems like as good a strategy as any.

We'll do the next cycle on this project in the middle of winter, it'll be more fitting for the setting. And we do cycles not sprints because sprinting is stressful and cycling is enjoyable (it's faster too, but that misses the point).

For now though, break. Next project is totally different, it’s got graphs in it. I’ll be back on 2019.300 (or as it’s celebrated in the YearDay community: Threehundred day) and we’ll get started.