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Happy 300day! 🎉

The three hundredth day of 2019. It coincides with the end of British Summer Time too, I wonder if that happens every year.

To celebrate, I purchased YearDay.org. The url will take you to my note back on 2019.220 where I wrote the YearDay spec. Although these two links point to exactly the same physical place, they should behave slightly differently.

Three changes are required. For any note accessed via a non-domfyi domain:

  1. Use the domain name instead of the date as the title.
  2. Change the ‘< all notes’ header link to say ‘< dom.fyi’.
  3. Remove the ‘next day’ footer link entirely.

With these changes in place we can point random URLs at random posts and it will feel like standalone content. This will be useful for specs, documentation, but also statements, manifestos, theorems, treatises.