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Turking and JAMming. Yesterday I talked about the JAM stack and I’m really interested in the future of distributed gig work, like AWS Mechanical Turk.

I feel when the these two worlds are better understood, all sorts of new workflows and pipelines will start to appear.

Picture the simplest example: a user completes a form as part of a process, the form gets sent to a human ('turker') for near real-time processing or validation, the processed data gets inserted into a database and the user gets alerted to continue with the process.

How far can we take this? Imagining a network of humans, all with specific expertises, daisy-chaining together with a bunch of traditional services and algorithms to empower brand new workflows.

The A in JAM stands for APIs; application interfaces. But I think human interfaces are just as exciting and have a massive role to play. I signed up to Mechanical Turk, I'm going to do some turking and see what it's all about.