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🔶 Sticky notes. No matter how many tools and processes we develop to manage our workflows, there’s something about sticky notes that’s irresistible. They continue to line office walls, to be the centre of standups and workshops. They’re tactile, physical, present in a way Jira tickets could never be.

I designed an app for iPad that attempts to replicate the sticky note experience as faithfully as possible. I wanted to make it feel like the notes are physically stuck to the glass, such that shaking the device hard enough would make them fly off and flutter to the floor.

It’s all about the physics, it would require a full 3D engine and environment, to make full use of the accelerometer. I spent a couple of hours researching the grains and fibres of physical paper. It’s been a while since I did any native iOS development but if we come back to this we’ll go all-in, React Native wouldn’t cut it.