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🇬🇧 2019 General Election. To mark tomorrow’s vote I created an interactive timeline that lists significant post-war acts of parliament.

It’s called Elective Dictatorship.

The choice of acts and the single-sentence summaries as you scroll have all been manually researched and written by me, I‘m positive there are mistakes and omissions but I’m happy to correct these iteratively over time. You can tap any act to view its Wikipedia entry.

I think it provides an interesting insight into UK parliamentary history and could be a useful resource for people seeking a popular history of post-war legislation.

The name Elective Dictatorship is part of a Lord Hailsham quote that Vernon Bogdanor cites occasionally, Professor Bogdanor is my very favourite UK constitutionalist and his lectures over the years have inspired my interest in political history more than any other.

The initial designs, the code and the raw data are all available to view. It’s built using Svelte, obviously, and the backend is Google Sheets.

Tomorrow I’ll be voting for Jeremy Corbyn.